Monday, 16 April 2012

Sampler quilt block 3# - Tangled Star

Making this block was really tricky for me.  The pattern I used was so confusing, but once I had the one section done, it went better.  

Even though my measurements was right, I completely messed it up.  While I was busy making it, it all looked fine, but once I pieced the whole thing together it was clear that some of the corners don't even line up nicely!  My markings was right, I'm sure, but I think because you have to cut the pieces with a seam allowance around the template, I did not cut all of them exactly the same size.  I think I should make templates with exactly the same size seam allowance around it, that way all of them have to be the same... 

I think I should just re-do this block completely, pull the stitches out and try again!

Over all I think the colours look nice, it blends nicely together... and putting them with my other finished blocks I think the end result will look great!  

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