Thursday, 24 May 2012

I'm glad this week is over and done with!

This week was way too busy!

I did not get any time to do what I wanted to do.  I realize it must sound a bit selfish, but I really miss my sewing room...

My husband worked afternoon shift this week, which meant he was home for most part of the day.  So I became his personal assistant, I had to help him with typing and editing some of his documents for work.  I don't mind helping him out, but doing it day after day, is a nasty reminder that I had done it every day for too long. I quit my job as a maintenance planner on a coal mine April 2011, to stay home after our baby girl - Kayleigh was born.  Not once have I looked back, and thought of going back to a normal 9 to 5 job.  

I admit I am much busier being at home, between running errands, taking care of 3 kids, school, cooking supper,.. the list goes on and on and on..  I still get time for me!

I mentioned a while a go that my husband hurt his wrist at rugby practice, and underwent an operation.  Well today we went back for his follow-up visit.  Bouncing from the doctors rooms, getting x-rays done, we ended up going back to the hospital to have the pin that was in his wrist removed.  It was hectic!  We live in a small town and I suppose we are used to things being slower and quieter. Driving in the city, everything was so rushed even though it took forever. 


Kayleigh was NOT a happy baby, as you can see by the photos she is the exact opposite, always smiling.  I hate having to drag her every where we go, especially when I know we'll be on the road the whole day.  She really gave me a hard time.  So to sum it all up, I'm glad its all done and over with.  My husband will be back to work at his normal hours, and things will be back to the way it was... I hope

On the upside I got backing fabric and a few extra bits and pieces, so now I can carry on to quilt this UFO, something to look forward to!

Happy quilting

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