Sunday, 6 May 2012

Stippling review

This week I decided to quilt this UFO using the different FMQ techniques we learnt over the past months from Leah Day.  I think I have probably said this a hundred times, but I enjoy every moment I spend FMQ and its all thanks to Leah, and cant wait to finish up this quilt to start another.  

I basically jumped in and started quilting this quilt, not really knowing what type of stippling I was going to use where.  All I knew I wanted to do, was use the different types of stippling I learned in the large flower print blocks.

Over all, I am happy so far, except for the small scale zippling I'd done on one of the horizontal strips.  It came out fine, but I did too small.  As this is a large quilt, and I want it to be puffy and soft, it will be too stiff around that strip.  Hopefully after I'm done and it had its 1st wash, it wont matter.

Large Stippling - Front
Large Stippling - Back

I have to admit, normal stippling- either on a large or on a small scale is still my favorite type of FMQ (not that I have done a lot of different designs yet :-) ).

It was quite tricky to see exactly where I was going on the flower print fabric, but luckily I got it done, and I just love how the fabric puffs up a bit around the large scale stippling.

Smaller Stippling - Back

Smaller Stippling - Front

Small Sharp Stippling - Front
Small Sharp Stippling - Back
Again I like the larger scale on this design as well.  It makes the fabric appear more softer and puffy, just what I want!
Large Sharp Stippling - Front
Large Sharp Stippling - Back

Zippling was quite the challenge, I did not bother to practice it first and just jumped in and started quilting it.  I was not happy that I started out so small.  About halfway I thought that I am making a mess of it.
Small Zippling - Front
Small Zippling - Back

So I decided to try it on a larger scale, and it looked much better.  I like how this block turned out.

Large Zippling - Front

Large Zippling - Back

I find it very therapeutic to sit behind my sewing machine and trying out all the different FMQ designs, even though I am still new at this, and learning with every stitch I make, I am very proud. 

Happy quilting


sherry said...

i think stippling is still my favourite to quilt... i think it is the rhythm...and the movement my hands make...i find it relaxing... quilt on

Danielle Hudson said...

You should be proud! It looks wonderful! I still can't believe you are such a beginner. YOu need to jump on up to intermediate!

Marelize Ries said...

Thanks Danielle, receiving positive remarks is fuel for my soul ♥♥♥

Karin said...

That looks fantastic...your stitching seems very consistent and even. You must be a natural...can't wait to see more.

Marelize Ries said...

Thanks Karin, I still find it hard to keep the sewing machine at the right speed while FMQ, I noticed that sometimes the slower I run the machine the bigger my stitches. This quilt is a good size to practice and try and get it right..


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