Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Karli's Quilt - WIP (1)

'Willow by Mind's Eye for Riley Blake Jelly Roll'
It was such a treat unpacking these fabrics.  Cutting hardly took any time at all and that is an absolute bonus using pre-cut fabrics.

The layout design for the quilt I'm making could not be simpler.  Most of the pieced blocks are based on the log cabin block, using a 2½ square in the middle and framing it with a contrasting print/colour and repeating it one more time again with either dark or light prints.  This design is perfect for using jelly rolls.  
So I decided to start off with block 'A', there are a total of 10 I had to make and before I knew it I had all the blocks done.
Block 'A' - One of 10 
Then I moved on to making block 'D'.  There should be a total of 40 blocks, I am going to make 20 blocks using dark print fabric in the center and light on the outside, and the other 20 just the opposite.  

Chain piecing is a huge time saver, the only thing I have to keep in mind is when I take the strip of pieced blocks to the ironing board, to cut and press exactly the same as I've run them through the machine, and not to mix them up to not confuse myself when piecing the other sides.  It works like a charm :-)

Block 'D' - Making 40
I should be done with making all the blocks for block 'D' before the weekend.

Linking up to WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.

Happy quilting.


Malini said...

This is looking great! Love the colors!

Elita en Suisse said...

Oh, that's looking lovely already! Sweet colours in that collection too. You're blasting through that WIP pretty quickly. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Great little easy block! So versatile!!!

Lorna McMahon said...

Those blocks are sweet. This will be a fabulous quilt!

The Sassy Quilter said...

This will look great! Love when I can chain piece:) pedal to the medal...not really, but sure does speed things up!

Ann Bowman said...

Lovely colours, lovely blocks.

snips said...

Cute blocks, this is going to be such a sweet quilt!


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