Monday, 5 August 2013

Anything Goes Quilt 'n Sew #29 - Family visit and shopping

To be honest, I am the type of person that is happy to be at home.  Not too bothered with going places, seeing people or getting out.  Most of the time when I do get out the house is when I have errands to run.  But last week I just had the urge to get away.  So we decided to visit my sister in-law that lives about 3½ hours drive from us in Vryheid, KZN for the weekend.  I am so glad we did, I enjoyed our visit so much, I even felt a bit depressed coming home yesterday.  That's when I realized that I actually DO need to get out more and interact with others.

Yesterday morning we got up bright and early for a day of golf before the long drive home.  I was not planning on playing, because the last time we played I had a sore wrist for almost a week, but at the last minute I decided to play along.  This time I made sure to just warm up a bit and stretch my muscles, I guess that made a huge difference, and I'm happy to say that I out drove the men a few times, that was a great high, LOL

Of course I went shopping too, and came home with a few pieces of fabric and bit and pieces I needed in my sewing room.  This coming week I am going to finish up the baby quilt I've been working on so hopefully I will be able to show you a finished quilt soon!

Anything Goes Linky Party

But for now I'm sure you'd like to share some of your projects you've been working on, please link up any current projects, anything at all...  This link is open for a full week and will run every Monday.  Remember to come back next week, or follow my blog to get regular updates.

If you wish, feel free to add any other blog posts you write during the week, this linky stays open for a full week, I think its a great idea to share and keep sharing.

The rules are simple:
1.  Link up ANY post you'd like to share that features any quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet, if its hand made, why not...
2.  Somewhere in your blog post, you must link back here to my blog with a text link, or grab the 'Anything Goes' button for your sidebar.
3.  Be nice, comment on at least a few other blogs linked, the whole point of having a party is to connect, share and maybe get a few new followers...

Stitch by Stitch
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Happy quilting


Rene Sharp said...

Oh Marelize, you will not believe how much we have in common, I too am happiest in my own space, and more often than not will prefer not to go anywhere!!! Luckily my hubby is the same way, so we are REAL home bodies!! Where on earth did you find fabric in Vryheid? There is NO-WHERE to buy quilting fabric in Dundee. I did go down to Indian town last week, and found some other bargain priced fabric, but nothing that I can really quilt with. I have decided to try and broaden my sewing horizons a bit though, and try and sew some other stuff besides quilts soon!

Anonymous said...

What a great haul! Great fabric, can't wait to see your new project!
esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com


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