Monday, 2 April 2012

Quilt Along #4 - Quilting on a Line & Quilt Along #5 Stippling in Blocks -

As I did not have a cheater cloth, I had to trace the design onto my fabric.  I did not have the design anywhere, so I started by drawing a 6" block, from there I added the points of the stars, each line measuring 3" long.

I then traced the design on my fabric, as I was using a very cheap, light yellow fabric.  As this was for 'practice' and did not really matter, it actually worked out great, I could see the lines very clearly through the fabric.

I thought it came out quite good...

I then stitched free motion in a straight line.  It was quite hard to keep the line straight, especially when I stopped in the middle of one flowing line.  So then when I came to a corner I placed my hands as low as I possibly could, not to pause and risk going off the line again.

So here is my template for stitching on a line

I then started stippling in one of the stars' corner, working my way down, always trying to keep stitching in a straight line.  I did not once turn the fabric.


As I went around the star the design came on nicely...

As I got to the last point of the star I aimed to finish right in the corner of star.

Here is my finished practice block for Quilt Along #5 - Stippling in Blocks


Leah Day said...

10 points for effort! Your stippling is looking terrific and your stitching on a line is coming along great!

Danielle Hudson said...

You really are catching up! your stippling is amazing!!


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