Monday, 2 April 2012

Quilt Along #2 - Quilting in Rows & Quilt Along #3 - Playing with Scale

As I've mentioned in my previous blog, I want to really try and catch up fast so I combined Quilt Along #2 (Quilting in Rows) and Quilt Along #3 (Playing with Scale)

I apologize for the poor light in these photos, I did it at night, and the light was not ideal.

I started on left side of the fabric and worked to the right, when I reached the end, I just followed the design and worked back to the left.

The whole time I tried hard to keep with the scale I started, which was at about 1/4" wide.  I liked working on that scale as I could stitch quite a bit before I had to move my hands.

I kept going from left to right, and then right to left again, and when I was about 3/4 of the way down I decided to make the design a bit smaller, this time it was about 1/8" wide.

I didn't enjoy stippling on such a small scale, as it takes much longer to fill a row... I guess that's why I decided to do only such a small piece.

The large scale stippling was easy and nice to follow.  The piece of fabric I had left went really fast, as I was covering so much more space.  The stitching was around 1/2" wide.  I would like to try it on a even bigger scale.

So here is my finished practice block for Quilt Along #2 & Quilt Along #3


Danielle Hudson said...

I am commenting on your posts backwards, haha, but seriously, Your stippling is perfect! i may be a tad jealous of your skills, hehe. You're doing what you should be doing(quilting).Your a natural

Marelize Ries said...

Thanks Danielle, seeing great comments like yours, just makes me want to run back to my sewing room. :-)


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