Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Trapunto Quilting

Winter is here, and getting colder by the day.  So making time for sewing/quilting is hard, especially early mornings and evenings.  So I wait till the sun is warming up my little sewing space before I even think of doing any quilting.  

I would sit behind my laptop having few too many cups of coffee searching for ideas on the internet.  It's a wonderful source of information, especially since every thing I've learnt and learning still comes from this huge library.  So I was looking at trapunto quilting, how to and ideas.

So I thought of trying it and decided to do a small or rather medium quilt using circles.  

I used paisley FMQ design
Piecing this quilt was fast, simple and very quick.  I used scraps fabric for the circles.  I love how they 'pop' and it gives the quilt so much texture.  I'm about halfway done, and cant wait to bind it.  I plan on (if it comes out looking good) to put this on Kayleigh's wall.
Back of quilt
 Happy quilting.


sherry said...

wow that quilting is beautifyl

FarahLin said...

Your quilting is amazing and love the 'bubbles' effect! Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

Hettie Pringle said...

Love it! I think it is going to look great against the wall.

Editfolt said...

Beautiful work. congratulations.


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