Friday, 14 December 2012

Log Cabin Quilts

Kayleigh's Quilt

I have not been quilting for a very long time, but I fell in love with it after making my 1st.  Which mainly consisted of traditional log cabin blocks.  Its very clear after making this quilt, that it sparked my curiosity further, and since then, all I want to do, is QUILT.

Fons and Porter shared their "Build Your Best Log Cabin" ebook with me, and I was astound to see the possibilities just by changing the layout and colour combinations, and I'm sure there are even more using these 3 different layouts.

What I liked most about this book was the charts to assemble and cut the blocks, which for me is great!  I cant make a block from just looking at it, so I found this very helpful.

Example of Traditional Log Cabin Block - Chart

Here are just a few quilts that are featured in the book, all with complete step by step instructions and cutting charts.  There are a lot of hints and tips to follow too.

Thank you Fons and Porter for sharing this ebook.  I am definitely going to try one out soon.

To download your own FREE copy of this ebook, click HERE.

Happy quilting

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Grey said...

How nice of them to share the e-book. The combinations that can be made are so interesting! I will be looking for your creations.


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