Monday, 24 June 2013

Anything Goes Quilt 'n Sew #23 - Hand Basting

There are quite a few ways to baste a quilt, my most favorite and less back breaking way are Susan Schamber's method, I shared her video tutorials some time ago HERE.  Her method used two long boards that you use to roll up the backing and front of your quilt and then rolling it open as you baste the layers together, as shown in the picture on the right.  I've used this method on my Purple Diamond quilt, and it worked brilliantly.  This way of basting works absolutely great depending on the size table you have and of course the size of the quilt.

Then there is the famous masking tape method, one that I never seem to get right.  The  moment I pull the fabric to get it tight and smooth, the tape pulls away from the floor on the opposite side, it always an endless struggle with very little success.  So I have totally given up on trying it again.

So today I would like to show you how I baste my quilts that are too big for the table I have available.  Its not much different from using masking tape and wood floor surfaces, except I go to my bedroom which has wall to wall carpeting, and instead of masking tape, I use tacks.

I smooth out the backing with the right side of the fabric towards the carpet, and pull it slightly, not really stretching the fabric, but just enough to make sure its smooth and tight, the last thing you want is puckers that might form during quilting.     

I use curved safety pins to secure the three layers, and the only tricky part is pushing the pins through the three layers and to not catch the carpet.  If you do try or use this method already, you'll see that once you feel that you've caught the carpet threads, you just pull back ever so slightly and it will automatically let go of the carpet and pull only the three quilt layers.  

Yes, you still have get down on all fours, but knowing the backing is secured and wont shift around while pinning, makes it all worth while.  Its really easy and I've had a lot more success doing it this way than with masking tape.  

So now that I have the baby quilt all ready I'm off to start quilting, I'm pretty excited to start.

Now it's time for this week's linky party

It's Monday and a new week, so lets all share some of our projects, please link up any current projects you've been working on, anything at all...  This link is open for a week and will run every Monday.  Remember to come back next week, or follow my blog to get regular updates.

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Stitch by Stitch
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Happy quilting.


Stephie said...

I use masking tape (you can buy low and high tack types) on a vinyl floor and I've used it on carpet too without any problems, but I might give your drawing pin idea a go next time to see the difference :) Have fun quilting, looking forward to seeing it.

Judy POFH said...

Hi, Thank you for hosting a great party.

Pursuit Of Functional Home.

Elita en Suisse said...

Thanks for the tips, Marelize. I've taken to using my longarm to baste anything bigger than a baby quilt because of floor space. I use the masking tape method but maybe it's easier on tile/parquet floors? Beautiful baby quilt you made too!

Kelly Young said...

I've never thought of using pins. I use extra wide painter's tape, but on my wood floor. It really works well (I think the width of the tape really helps).

:) thanks for hosting!

Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

hydeeannsews said...

i use regular old clear scotch tape on my tile floor at home. not a problem. i've had trouble with the masking tape on a table, too,when i've tried that at class. some tapes are stickier than others, though.

i LOVE the calm, peaceful and happy colors in this quilt. it's so soothing. and pretty. =)

Lisa said...

I totally want to try your tack methos. Currently I masking tape onto my low pile carpet and it works well - no puckers - but I do not like how the tape pulls the fabric on the cut edges. Plus using tacks saves money and the earth! Thanks for sharing!

heart of charnwood said...

Thx for linking up, loving the basting options, it's always a difficult part of the process!

Jackie Kirner said...

I'm following your process with interest - as I approach the basting and quilting of a couple little wall quilts with trepidation!

Thanks for the link up!


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