Monday, 5 May 2014

Guest Host for Anything Goes Mondays - Heather from Bobbins and Bullets

Today's guest host is Heather from Bobbins and Bullets.  She lives in North Caroline, USA.  She's a stay at home Mom to a 14.5 month old, very active little girl.  She also has a very sweet wheaten terrier named Tessa.  She loves to piece and quilt, and sew clothes for her daughter.  She recently started to sew clothes for herself, but she's not quite ready for prime time yet!

At the time she started blogging she was a helicopter pilot in the Army, hence the name 'Bobbins and Bullets'.  She's no longer in service of the Army, but she kept the name.  I think its great!!!  

She loves collecting sewing machines, and do most of her sewing on a 1951 Singer 201.  She also has a Singer Featherweight travel machine, in addition to the big machine you see below.  


Heather also has her own long-arm quilting business, called Quilts Actually.  I highly recommend that you visit her website and see her work.  Here are just some of my favourites.

Spinnaker Quilt    
Click on the images above to read all about them.


She recently posted her first paper piecing pattern, suitable for beginners, to craftsy.  The link to the pattern is HERE .  An easy to follow paper piecing tutorial can be found on her blog, just click on this LINK.

Thanks again Heather for hosting this week's linkup.  I am sure everyone visiting your blog, will enjoy seeing what you're up to, and everyone else's link-ups.  So to all of you visiting today, share the love ♥♥♥

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Lorna McMahon said...

Thanks for highlighting Heather's blog. Your guest hosting is fun!

Mary Huey said...

Love the picture -- raised my own three sitting on my lap 35 years ago!


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