Thursday, 29 March 2012

Quilt Along #1 - Let's Wiggle!

I know .. I have so much to still do before I am up to date, but believe me, I want to catch up FAST!
I don't want to skip a single step, I hope all of you will enjoy seeing my progress as much as I enjoy doing it..

First of all, I am using a Bernina 180 Artista. As Leah explained, you don't have to drop the feed-dog, all you need to do was set your stitch length to zero, and it worked great!  I had full control of the fabric underneath my hands, it still felt as though the machine 'gripped' the fabric underneath the quilting foot enough not to have it go all over the place.  I have not tried to drop the feed-dog yet, but will give it a go and see which feels better.   

I prepared a 12 inch piece of fabric, and started to 'wiggle', my 1st row was quite small, and did not go so well, but as I went further with the 'U shape stippling', 'Piece sign stippling' also in reverse and the 'Lobster claw stippling' also in reverse I did it on a bit bigger scale and it went great! 

As I got closer to the bottom of the fabric, I thought of jumping ahead a bit.. (I know, I shouldn't, but I had to give it a go) and tried Micro Stippling, 1st quite small, and then even smaller.  It was challenging as I could not really see where I was going, but I think it came out OK.
So here is my 'practice block' on stippling.  I think this will be one of my favorite types of free motion quilting for some time!

Happy quilting.


Suzette said...

Loving the way you show step by step the things you try...I'm so proud of you xx

Jessim said...

You are doing a fantastic job!

I am working on stippling in the wholecloth (I didn't practice...I consider it to be practice) and I can't get as small as Leah, but I think it looks okay.

Marelize Ries said...


I'm also working on the hearts and feather whole cloth. I can't wait to be done with it though, like they say, practice makes perfect :-) We'll get there ...

Leah Day said...

Looking great! Take your time and enjoy the process. Your stippling is coming along great!




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