Thursday, 19 April 2012

Sampler quilt block #6 - Monkey Wrench

This quilt block - Money Wrench was done the same way using the foundation piecing method as the Pineapple block I did before.

Using tear away stabilizer I traced the pattern on four 6" pieces.  I placed the fabric pieces on the unmarked side and stitched along the marked lines of the foundation.

I used 3 different print fabrics, of which I chose a plain pink fabric as my background.  From the strips I made the four-patch blocks to create the center pieces.

To make sure I got the patches right in the center of the template I held it up to a window to make sure the seam lines were lying exactly underneath the drawn four-patch on the foundation and that the centers matched.

I placed the four-patch block on the unmarked side of the tear away stabilizer and pinned the first two background colour fabric triangles and stitched on the marked lines of the stabilizer.

After every two pieces added I pressed the triangles back against the seams with a hot iron to keep the fabric flat and to ensure that I wont by accident mess it up when I added the next two triangles.

After every row, I would fold the stabilizer back right on the drawn line I had just stitched to expose the seam allowance and I would trim off the excess.  It created a perfect ¼" seam

This is one of the four finished blocks.  Each block was pieced the exact same way.

After I had my four finished pieces I stitched them together making sure the points matched neatly.
This block will be one of my favourites for this sampler quilt, I enjoyed making it, and love to look at it :-)

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Joan said...

Love the colour scheme - a great block!


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