Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sampler quilt block #5 - Pineapple

Last night everyone went to bed early, so that was a nice time for me to start with my next block - Pineapple.  

I had a lot of fun piecing the block together using the foundation piecing method.  I have never done it before, so I took it slow, making sure to follow each step carefully.  I started out by tracing the pattern on a piece of tear away stabilizer, marking every row by number to make sure I wont get lost adding the strips of fabric.
I did not cut the fabric ahead of time, instead I cut the pieces as I needed them, because I was using 4 different colours and prints I did not want to make any mistakes by going ahead of time.
After I added a row with a specific colour or print fabric, I would fold the stabilizer over to cut a neat 1/4" seam following the drawn line in the front.
As the pattern grew, I was amazed at how 'perfect' the rows were.  I would definitely use this method again, maybe I'll try and come up with a few designs of my own.
Other finished blocks:  

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Glenda said...

Do you know that you can print your foundations onto stabiliser? I run Electric Quilt and if I have to do a foundation pieced block, I just print it from EQ7.


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