Monday 15 April 2013

Anything Goes - Quilt 'n Sew #13 - Printing quilt labels 'TEST'

As you know I like to search the internet for tips and tricks, and found this tutorial showing you how to print your own quilt labels using an inkjet printer.  In the tutorial she mentioned that there are some fading when washed, so I wanted to test this and see what the result would be after a few washes.  After all, seeing as a quilt can 'outlive' you, surely the label should last just as long.

I followed the steps and used freezer paper as interfacing at the back, but only one sheet, not three as specified. I think I over looked that part... oops!

This is the sample before it's been washed.  

I soaked the label in cold water with mild detergent for about 20 minutes.

I washed it really well, rubbing it quite vigorously and then rinsed it under cold running water.  As you can see while rinsing it the colour did not appear to be too bad.  I repeated this step 4 times.  I did notice that there wasn't any change in its appearance even after its 1st wash, but I wanted to be thorough.  

After the 4th wash I left it to dry and pressed it really well.

Here is the 'before' again
As you can see the ink did fade a little (picture below) but not as much as I thought it would.  I was quite rough with this little sample so I doubt that the ink will get much (if any) lighter with more washes.  Anyway, when you wash your quilt I doubt that it be washed as intensely I did this piece of fabric.

This is the result 'after' a few washes
I think it looks quite good!

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Stitch by Stitch
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Happy quilting.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the label-test! Now I need to get a printer like that!

Susan at said...

Wow! How timely! This is something I planned on looking into this week - you read my mind. :)

Lorna McMahon said...

Thanks for sharing your printing on fabric experience. Here is another link showing a similar method. The Quilt Rat recommended making a solution to soak the fabric in to ensure the ink would not run or bleed. And stay permanent.
I was looking into making labels this way, but then found Spoonflower and had labels made by them.

Whitney said...

i'm really impressed with your little printing experiment. for as much rubbing as you did i think it really worked great.


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