Monday 2 June 2014

Guest Host for Anything Goes Mondays - Karin from The Quilt Yarn

Todays' guest host for Anything Goes Mondays is Karin from The Quilt Yarn.

She is a 50 something, German, married with two almost grown up daughters, living in sunny Australia. Still working almost full-time she'd rather be quilting all day long (don't we all?)  She started quilting in 2006 and is a self-taught quilter. She is still true to what attracted her to quilting in the first place - scrappy-type, traditional quilts made out of an array of warm, country–type colours. Her favourite quilt would have to be the Country Sampler quilt that she made in 2010 which appeared in Country Threads Vol 12 No. 2 and No. 3. 

Country Sampler
The Country Sampler quilt emerged from the idea of depicting her quilting journey from making simple blocks to trying new techniques, incorporating favourite blocks and colours into the quilt. Her style in quilting has not changed that much, although nowadays she tries to challenge herself a bit more and try to step a bit out of her comfort zone every now and then. 

She's had a few quilts published in Quilting Magazines in Australia (Autumn Leaves, Australian Patchwork and Quilting, Vol 21, No3; Chicken Patch, Creating Country Threads, Vol 13, No 1; Stars on Stripes, Creating Country Threads, Vol 10, No 10) throughout the years.

Autumn Leaves
Chicken Patch

Stars on Stripes
Her Disappearing Four Patch Quilt will also be featured in an upcoming issue in the near future.

Disappearing Four Patch
Karin started blogging at the beginning of 2012. This was primarily to connect to other quilters, but also to keep a diary of sorts of the work that she is doing. At that point she had set herself the goal to seriously practice FMQ.  She found that every time she had completed a quilt she had to re-learn FMQ…and as she had not continuously practised, she ended up doing the same old stippling design again and again. 

That's when she discovered Leah Day’s blog and as it so happened she was calling for people to participate in a year long FMQ Quilt Along at that stage. This is when she set up her blog ‘The Quilt Yarn’.  Karin really enjoys blogging and participating in events around the net, however she has deliberately kept her blog somewhat restrained as it does take a fair amount of time to post and interact with others and between working , the daily grind and quilting, she had to find that balance that allowed her to do all of those things. She would love to start a Linky Party, however just have not find the time in the last few months, so this is probably something that she will look at later in the year, maybe for the start of the next year…we’ll see.

FMQ has become Karin's other passion…nowadays she usually have a variety of piecing and FMQ projects on the go…all at the same time and the constant dilemma of wanting to do both.

She loves all things feathers!

Karin also managed to set up a modest Craftsy Store last year, selling some of her patterns.  While this is somewhat work intensive, she enjoys designing quilts and writing up patterns, and Craftsy is such a great web site!  Click HERE for a link to her pattern store.

Her latest pattern is a bright and colourful baby quilt, called the Windmill Baby Quilt quilted in an all-over ‘Jester Hat’ design.

Windmill Baby Quilt

I hope you will have fun visiting Karin's blog, her work is absolutely amazing.

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Joy said...

Karin's fmq is wonderful. I love her style. I'll have to check out her blog. Thanks for introducing her.

Cara said...

Thanks for organizing all these hosts for the link-ups. It's so much fun.


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