Wednesday 22 January 2014

Would YOU like to host 'Anything Goes Mondays'?

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UPDATE:  The list below is now FULL.  If however you still want to host 'Anything Goes Mondays' and you missed out on getting your name on the list, follow the steps below.  NOTHING IS SET IN STONE!  Remember to include your preferred date you'd like to host this linkup. 

NOTE:  If you have a blog InLinkz will not work on your blog.  The following blogs are acceptable:  blogger, typepad, self-hosted wordpress, tumbler, joomla etc.

On the first Monday of each month I am giving you the chance to host 'Anything Goes Mondays' on YOUR blog.  I started this linkup last year and to date it is a great success.

This will be your chance to showcase whichever projects you want.

Maybe you'd like to share some insight on your craft, maybe you have helpful tips for beginners. Or a pattern to share, past projects, upcoming projects, WIP's...a tutorial even.  Or maybe you'd like to tell us more about YOU, the choice is yours.  

On that day 'Anything Goes Mondays' is yours.  So its all up to you!  I want you to have fun with hosting this linkup, that is the main idea.

How this will work:

1.  Send me an email with a short description of your blog, a link to your blog (blog address) and a little 'about me'.  [marelizeries{at}gmail{dot}com]
2.  Include which month you would like to host.  Check 'schedule' below to make sure the spot is still available.
3.  I will send YOU the HTML code for the linkup, no need to worry about subscriptions or -fees.
4.  I will write a blog post on the same day referring those joining the party to your blog.

Schedule for 2014

Hosting Post
Blog Name
3 February 2014
3 March 2014
7 April 2014
5 May 2014
2 June 2014
7 July 2014
 Diana Mattoni
4 August 2014
Paula Hughes
1 September 2014
Jackie Parnell
6 October 2014
Aunt Marti
3 November 2014
Helen Ernst
1 December 2014
Allison Babcock

* If you have signed up to host 'anything goes mondays' and you can not commit to a agreed upon date, contact me immediately to make necessary arrangements to move / have a replacement 'host'.

I am really looking forward to hearing from you and I am sure we all will have a lot fun visiting your blog.

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Paula@TheSassyQuilter said...

Sounds fun! I will put my name in the hat!

MalinisQuilts said...

Its sounds like lot of fun!

Val's Quilting Studio said...

Looking forward to a fun year with everyone!


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