Monday 12 May 2014

Anything Goes Mondays #63

Normally on our weekly 'Anything Goes Mondays' I would browse through the previous weeks' link ups and showcase some of them here.  But today I really wanted to share some of the Summer Solstice Quilts others has made.  It truly is an honour seeing my design come to life in others' work.

My Summer Solstice Quilt made earlier this year.

Helen from Till We Quilt Again made her Summer Solstice using black background fabric.  I absolutely love it!  She did an outstanding job quilting it too.  It truly is beautiful.  She added a lot of beautiful close up pictures on her blog, head on over and check it out.   

Till We Quilt Again

Till We Quilt Again


The next Summer Solstice is made by Jackie from NW Patchwork.  Her fabric selection is beautiful and I love that she went for a more uniform design repeating the colours and prints in selected areas.

NW Patchwork

NW Patchwork


The next Summer Solstice was made by Beverly van Tonder (South Africa).  She totally made the quilt her own by adding a few more borders in bright colours and really makes the centre design pop.

Beverly van Tonder

Beverly van Tonder


If you are interested in the pattern it is available in my Craftsy store.  There is a link to the top left of my blog for easy access.


Now its your turn to share with us what you've been busy with.

1. Link up ANY recent blog posts, it can be one or more, but PLEASE do not share blog posts you might have linked up in the past.
2. Somewhere in your blog post, you must link back here to my blog, OR grab the 'anything goes' button for you sidebar.
3. Try to visit at least a few of the other blogs linked, the whole point of having a party is to connect, share and maybe get a few new followers...remember to leave a comment to let them know you stopped by!

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Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

I love your pattern and quilt, Marelize! The others are gorgeous, too!!

Karin said...

Those quilts look amazing...

Hannele said...

all the quilts are just amazing - it's always fun to see how different fabric choices influence the end result making each of the quilts personal!

Marly said...

Thanks for showing the photos of your design made by other people. It's so nice to see their interpretation of the original pattern. It's amazing how using a black fabric as a background turns the design around completely. I had to look closely to be sure that it really was the same design.

Helen@Till We Quilt Again said...

It truly was a fun quilt to make. From picking colors, having a variety of three blocks to create and given space to quilt! This pattern is a Win-Win if you are like for all of these creative options!
I highly suggest this pattern!

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

That is such a great patter, so different with the fabric choices. Thank you for sharing it.

Jackie said...

I love seeing the different variations of your quilt. I have yet to make mine.

Kathleen said...

All so beautiful! The black background quilt is especially striking.

Julia Graber said...

I too like the black background of Summer Solstice, but they are all beautiful. Great job everyone!

Quilting Stories said...

Thanks for the party! Your quilt is wonderful!

Sweet Woodruff said...

I do so love your patten. I will have to get it. Thank you for hosting this stitchy link up.


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